Young Entrepreneur Self-Assessment

By using YES company’s founders can recognize their development potential and compare themselves with successful enterprises. YES helps you to see which competences should be strengthened to become more successful. In addition, entrepreneurial strategies can get defined. The Online+Tool provides a detailed catalog of critical events that are relevant in different phases (modules) according to international experts. Doing so illustrates the complexity of the project and enables the entrepreneurs to proceed systematically. YES offers individual feedback with concrete proposals of measures.


At a glance

  • user-friendly application (duration: 12min)
  • recognize entrepreneurial competences
  • individual feedback including measures
  • guidelines are considered (experts of the DIN 33430)
  • examination of the quality criteria


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Your benefits

  • modular structure (innovation, pre-incubation, team, growth)
  • detailed strength-weakness-profile
  • direct inference of effective measures
  • current situation of all divisions of a company
  • application also as team + analysis + tool