Conversation+ target agreement tool with report

The hr+ management and control tool EYE is used for ideal target reconciliation and well elaborated resource planning in your company. Managers can use this to standardize the entire organization and implementation of performance reviews. EYE includes functions such as sending appointments and carrying out self-assessments and external analyses of the current status. As a result, it commits supervisors and employees to make binding agreements and to derive concrete measures. Your entire company benefits from the targeted hr+ action plan. 

At a glance

  • standardized organisation of performance reviews 
  • user-friendly use (duration: 10min) 
  • automatic report with self and external comparison  
  • meta-report for departments 
  • long-term analysis 

More Information

Your benefits

  • performance increase + quality enhancement by target reconciliation 
  • support of employees + motivation 
  • introduction of systematic action plans 
  • professional implementation of target agreement discussion 
  • overview of course