Interactive learning software for students

The interactive hr+ funding tool iLearn4fun provides an exciting school project. It analyzes objectively the personal learning and planning competences of the students (from the age of 13 up). In addition, it offers individual feedback on learning behavior as well as concrete learning tips.

Through the immediate implementation of concrete learning tips, the student can immediately understand and accept the added value of this recommendation. Due to better results in training, the desired “aha effect” is set up at short notice, which supports and accelerates the transport of the tips into everyday learning.


At a glance

  • extensive learning software (duration: 1h)
  • recognizing personal learning skills
  • feedback + tips for learning behavior
  • basis for learning goal agreement


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Your benefits

  • support of the learning motivation
  • individual feedback + concrete tips
  • promotion of self-reflection and key competences
  • learning differently