Magic Moment Learning

In general

According to the recommendation of the European Commision, the preparation for lifelong learning and strengthening of key competences is a central educational goal. The base for learning and planning competences should be built at the age from 13 to 16 given that supporting these is important for all subjects. Since learning how to learn is interdisciplinary but hard to implement, you can offer Magic Moment Learning as a project at your school.

hr+ solution

Magic Moment Learning helps recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses in self-regulated learning. The aim is that the students understand their individual learning processes and learn how to actively and self-determined regulate and monitor it.



Your +points

  • school project with an effect on all subjects
  • support your teacher to implement learn how to learn
  • build a base for learning and planning competences of the students
  • realize the strengthening of key competences