Personnel Selection

In general

The aim of hr+ personnel selection is to get the most suitable person for the position in question, since inadequate placement leads to unnecessary costs. Reasons for inadequate placements are deficient requirement profiles, inappropriate job advertisements and the assessment process itself. As a result of time pressure, decisions are made based on intuition rather than on ideal personnel selection methods.

hr+ solution

Get professional consulting and attendance with adequate methods and tools for your intern and extern personnel selection. You will get support during the whole process, from generating the requirement analysis to the appraisal of aptitude of the applicants. hr+ pays attention to the quality of the used methods considering the quality criteria.

Our project solutions match your demands and include high-quality consulting + tools.


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Your benefits

  • cost savings due to not hiring unsuitable staff (personnel selection, job training, severance pay, etc.)
  • quality management through standardized procedures
  • increased productivity as a result of employing qualified + suitable staff
  • decreased turnover