Evaluation of psychological stress within the workplace 

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Do you know the advantages of the legal amendment of psychological stress within the workplace? 

Workplace conditions affect a variety of entrepreneurial factors, such as employee motivation, commitment, job satisfaction and productivity (Sparks, Faragher & Cooper, 2001). In addition, the reduction of psychological stress leads to positive effects in the absence of sickness from the workplace by reducing it significantly (Michie & Williams, 2003). Thus, sick leave and disability costs can be reduced (Chapman, 2003). Fewer workloads can also increase productivity and reduce turnover. 

The evaluation of psychological stress in the workplace therefore, has significant economic benefits for companies. In Austria, the Employee Protection Act (ASchG) was amended in January 2013 and in Germany the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) was amended in October 2013. 

As a result of these changes, all employers, irrespective of the number of employees, are required to regularly carry out and document an evaluation of psychological stress within the workplace. 

Risks in terms of safety and health of workers must be identified and in particular the psychological stress of work must be assessed. On this basis, appropriate preventive measures should be established, and their effectiveness reviewed. 

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Do you want a professional assistance of expert occupational and organizational psychologists? 

We support you as experts for workplace evaluation in the professional implementation of the risk assessment and creation of a catalog of measures, which can be effectively checked. 

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  • compliance with legal norms + avoidance of penalties 
  • identification of efficient measures 
  • relief for employees + organizational development 
  • professional evaluation with advantages 




Important information

The evaluation of psychological stress in the workplace must be carried out regularly in every company. Implementation is controlled by the Labor Inspectorate and penalties can be imposed if not performed. 

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